Better Red than Dead

Something isn’t right here…


Something isn’t right here…


Soha Bechara, a Lebanese woman and a member of the Lebanese Communist Party, attempted to assassinate Antoine Lahad; chief of the South Lebanon Army (SLA) militia. The SLA fought alongside with Israel to take control over Lebanese territory and were provided by Israeli equipment and arms. She managed to shoot Lahad once in the shoulder and chest before he was rushed to the hospital. Bechara was held captive for 10 years in the infamous Khiam prison and was released in 1998. 



August 18, 2014


August 19, 2014


israel and ferguson police funded by the same central bank


So there’s this.

I always take Yahoo news with a grain of salt, however.




BUSTED! Gov. Running #Ferguson Twitter Psyop


Thousands of bots on Twitter tweeting out the same racist, anti-Michael Brown tweets. This, at least, is detectable/provable. But rest assured, in addition to easily purchasable bots there are paid individuals representing both private and government interests who are paid to wear down your resolve, troll you, shift opinion, convolute conversations, etc. regarding private business interests, foreign interests like this Israel student union Facebook war room, but much more organized. 

Although I think engaging in meaningful conversations is important, I think being vigilant for your own mental health  is important. You should feel good/guiltless about blocking people, turning off the anonymous ask function, and ignoring trolls who will never try to actually have a meaningful dialogues because often their whole agenda is simply to ware you down. 

Watch this. This is just….. Horrifying…. The fact that our government is deploying fake social media accounts controlled by a robot who’s sole function is to silence the voices of the black community fighting for justice and at the same time make racist white people think that the racism they blindly perpetuate is validated by a false social norm……. This is fucking disgusting. Spread this shit like wildfire.

"punch every bigot in the throat" makes you bigoted